Securing Your Vision.

IP Counseling.

Upon initial retention and periodically thereafter, we perform a detailed review of client assets (e.g., products, product lines, software, websites, sales literature, labels, artwork) to make informed recommendations for intellectual property protection. Together with the client, we establish priorities to maximize each client’s protection for its intellectual property assets. This process is invaluable for companies of all sizes, some of which are not fully aware of their intellectual property assets, and the benefits of adequate protection. For many clients, we are akin to in-house IP counsel, and completely manage all of their trademark, copyright and patent portfolios. We organize existing IP properties, aid in long-term planning for future acquisition(s), adjust portfolios based on economic realities, and perform cost-benefit analyses. We also advise clients regarding the use (and abuse) of domain names, metatags, hyperlinks, keywords, third party images, customer information and software. We customize corporate IP strategies to achieve a consolidated and uniform standard throughout all markets, and centralize policing and enforcement of the client’s intellectual property portfolio. In addition, we provide due diligence services both in the U.S. and worldwide relating to acquisitions, mergers, private placements, and public offerings, among other transactions involving intellectual property.

IP Licensing.

We have extensive experience with all aspects of licensing and commercialization of intellectual property rights. Our team is skilled in negotiating, drafting, and advising on a wide variety of intellectual property agreements – including, for example, licensing, manufacturing, distribution, and confidentiality agreements, assignments, website terms & conditions, trade secret manuals, celebrity endorsement agreements, and asset purchase agreements for our clients across the globe.


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